General information

Esteemed Parents, Dear Students,

Marmara University Faculty of Medicine has succeeded in being one of the first, and the only University in Istanbul to be nationally accredited as having fulfilled about 70 of the criteria required to meet international standards in medical education. It has become our tradition to be constantly aware of and to adapt to new developments and changes in the medical field. We achieve this international level of quality education and health service through our Faculty Members, who are experienced in all fields, 
our original educational program, which has been a source of inspiration to other Medical Faculties, and our well equipped hospital with its extensive educational possibilities. Founded 30 years ago, always open to change, our dynamic Medical Faculty has established a place for itself in the international arena. In this context, together with East Mediterranean University,, we are coordinating an ‘International Program of Medical Education’. Within the ERASMUS program, we have an annual student exchange program with over ten European Medical Faculties. Furthermore, in three months time, our Faculty will take its place in a global web of 80 selected Medical Faculties, coordinated by the USA.

Students have chosen influential representatives in all educational committees. They participate actively in every step of the educational program; from its development to its application and evaluation. Each student is given the opportunity to join at least three research projects during his/her studies. Thus, it can be said that a student in our Faculty is a university student in its real sense.

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