Institutional Aims and Objectives

Institutional Aims and Goals of Marmara University Faculty of Medicine


            The main purpose of the MUTF is to train physicians who can meet the healthcare needs of society when they graduate with the aim of “a healthier society”. In line with this purpose, it is aimed to train physicians who comprehend the priority health problems of the society, prevent them, produce solutions, improve health, and intervene in health determinants. The institutional objectives of our Faculty of Medicine are arranged to separately include the elements of education, research and service.



Our Institutional Education Strategy: Making Marmara University Faculty of Medicine a reference education center.



Purpose: To train researcher and productive physicians who are committed to ethical principles, sensitive to the local and global factuality, and culturally and professionally equipped.





  • Conducting a training program that will provide the basic roles and relevant competencies expected of the physician (physician, health advocate, scientist, communicator, team member, leader and manager).
  • Organizing our education program in line with the national core education program and taking into account the priority health problems of the society.
  • Improving the educational qualifications of the faculty members, ensuring that they are up-to-date on the training program and equipped with modern training methods.
  • Adoption of modern and effective education, training, measurement and evaluation methods
  • Providing students with opportunities to participate in international exchange and visit programs
  • National and international accreditation of undergraduate and postgraduate education programs.


Our Institutional Research Strategy: Making Marmara University Faculty of Medicine a reference research center.


Purpose: To contribute to the world of science by producing knowledge on a universal scale.



  • To cooperate with successful domestic and international universities/organizations in order to increase the number and quality of research and scientific studies, and to complete studies on products and patents.
  • To contribute to the establishment and operation of research centers in order to facilitate the process of conducting research and planning multidisciplinary research.
  • To ensure that the potential of the current competitive faculty staff is used in the best way.
  • Providing necessary training opportunities to create and support new projects.
  • Supporting the presentation and publication of research, done in our institution, in high reputation scientific meetings and journals
  • Increasing the quality and quantity of master's and PhD programs, ensuring support to the mission and vision of the institution.


Service Strategy: Ensuring that Marmara University Faculty of Medicine is a reference health service center within the framework of quality, reliability and ethical principles


Purpose: To be able to provide effective, reliable, fast and high quality health services in all fields of medicine, being sensitive to the needs of the society.



  • Adopting approaches that prioritize patient safety and maintain all practices within the framework of ethical rules.
  • Establishing the necessary infrastructure and facilities in order to provide faster and higher quality health services by using information and technology.
  • Taking necessary measures to coordinate applied medical education, health service delivery and research activities.
  • Establishing a more efficient cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the University for both parties in the joint use of hospitals.
  • To continue as a reputable institution that is sensitive to the environment, valuing human happiness, innovative and constantly improving.

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