aims and objectives of educational program

Aims and Objectives of the Educational Program

As of 2021, faculty framework program has been established in line with UÇEP (National Framework Educational Program). With the work of the phase study groups, the training program is constantly evaluated, and our training program is updated according to the identified needs and new situations. The educational aims and objectives of our faculty can be defined as follows;


  • Community-oriented education and service approach
  • Integrity in education, service and research; The search for an optimum balance between education, research and service activities and their bridging with each other
  • Interdisciplinary approach in education, service and research
  • Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based medical education in health care application and education
  • Focus on professional and personal development in education
  • An approach to health care and education, that is sensitive to individual and sociocultural contexts
  • Founding the entire education process on internationally accepted competence areas in order to provide quality health care and to train accordingly
  • Sensitivity to professional (individual and occupational) values ​​and behaviors in both service and education
  • An understanding of open-minded trainers and open-to-development faculty who improve their professional competencies, including their trainer's competencies, with an understanding of continuous professional / institutional development

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